Narberth Book Fair
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Children's Page

children's books We have plenty for young people at the fair this year. Children's authors, Sharon Tregenza, Angela Fish and Lynne Benton will be in the cosy children's corner, ready to chat whenever you drop in, with authors Wendy White and Katy Wateva nearby.
They will also be giving readings:
Lynne at 11am
Angela at 11:30
Katy at noon
Sharon at 2pm
Wendy at 2:30

Authors Phil Carradice and Colin Parsons will also be at the fair, with books for older children.

Some of the events are also for children and young adults.
Sharon Tregennza will be holding a workshop - fun and games for family and friends.
Colin Parsons will be talking about his fantasy and science-fiction books.

We have a competition for children at this year's fair. Draw or paint your favourite character from a book.  Do it at home and bring it with you to the fair, or do it at the fair - there will be paper, pencils and crayons. Prizes will be given for the best.

Meanwhile, here are some games and puzzles to try.

1. Here is one from Sharon Tregenza. Find your way through the maze.

Download a version to print.

2. Another from Sharon. Join the dots.

tia on the beach
download a version to print

3. A word search from Sharon's The Shiver Stone. Find the names on the right


download a version to print

4. Here's another word search, from The Hobbit, by J.R.R.Tolkein.

Can you find Bilbo's thirteen dwarf companions?
hobbit Balin

dowload a version to print

5. Beatrix Potter Word Grid

word grid
1 The Tale of Peter ......

2 The Tale of Squirrel ......

3 The Tale of ...... Fisher

4 The Tale of ...... Whiskers

5 The Tale of Tom ......

6 The Tale of Mrs ..... - Winkle

7 The Tale of Jemima Puddle-....

8 The Tale of Benjamin .....

beatrix potter
download a version to print.

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