Narberth Book Fair
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 Poetry Competition.

A poem of 20 lines or less, on the subject of
Books and Reading.
The winning entry was
Public Library, Children's Section, circa 1966
by Lisa Vickers.

           I floated down the wooden stairs, drifting on imagination’s tide,
             To Golden Lands, where lucky children tread.
           New worlds I wandered, light as mist – Ithaca, Windermere, Ophir became my places
             And words  - Quinquereme, Darien, Euphrates- like honey, touched my lips.
           Strangers met became my boon companions,
             I sailed on Swallow, rode with Jill,
           With Laura crossed new lands.
             Nearer than family, constant, always there for me, at my request.

                Oh, lonely, only child,
                  Seek the quiet corner,
                Open the book
                  And enter the page.

Second prize was awarded to
The Antiquarian
by Christian Donovan

                        Alone, immured inside his musty store
                            by boxes full of books, some foxed with mould,
                        he'll press each page, align each spine, behold
                            the racks from Ackroyd through to Zola, sure
                        his first editions (which he has galore)
                            all herald wealth but, once a title's sold–
                        in silken tones a customer's cajoled,
                            a price agreed–he'll sulk behind the door
                        to mourn his loved one's loss.  Meanwhile elsewhere
                            his wife, her life a flyleaf not inscribed
                        with love, diverts herself by reading verse
                            unnoticed deep within a wing-backed chair–
                        imbibes the lines of images described
                            in cryptic turns of phrase: oblique and terse.

Third prize goes to
Books and Reading: a Boy's Tale
by Alan Roberts

                    B    bed-time - I’m ready, it’s time for the thrill
                    O    of those daring tales that await;
                    O    open this - no this book instead which will
                    K    keep me wide awake well past eight.
                    S    silence is essential, my Dad suggests,
                    A    and I must picture the tale being told; 
                    N    nine knights in their armour are dressed,     
                    D    doing deeds that are always so bold.
                    R    remind me Dad of all of their names?
                    E    even that knight that’s so haughty
                    A    Arnulph the Brave, yes he’s the one who gets blamed
                    D    dad says he’s always so naughty.
                    I    in class Miss Keating says my words are exceeding   
                    N    no baby-like talk that’s misleading 
                    G    guess it’s down to my books and Dad’s reading

Children's art competition

All excellent paintings and drawings of favourite characters, but a special mention of Amber Cole, who brought a whole portfolio of illustrations. Here she is with her version of Saphira from Eragon by Christopher Paolini
Amber Cole

Family Book Trail

The winners of the book trail competition were:
Family ticket to Castell Henllys Iron Age village:
Thomas Prosser from Treharris, Mid Glams  

£20 voucher for The Torch Theatre, Milford Haven:
Connie Perkins and Zoe Morgan from St Lawrence

Family ticket (for 4) to Folly Farm Adventure Park & Zoo:
Tegan and Betsan from Lampeter Velfrey


The 2016 Fair held three competitions.

Short Story.

Adults over 18 were invited to write a short story with the title "The Bag Lady."
The winners were:
To read the winning entries, click on the authors' names.

Flash Fiction

Young adults, 12-18, were invited to submit a "Creepy Tale" of 100 words or less.
The winners were:
  • first prize - Gracie Ardolino
  • second prize - Catrin Lawrence
  • third prize - Zack Spencer

Children's competition.

Children were invited to write a one-page essay on "My favourite character."
  • Leo Robertson
  • Olivia Robertson
  • Libby James
  • William Russell
  • Darcy Conbeer
  • Zihan Lin

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